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PARATUS (always ready) is an Evolved Advance Full Spectrum Modern Survival and Defense Training & Consulting Company. Specializing in advance, 

personal & home security, defense tactics and readiness, firearms and weapons training.


Paratus was created to provide a full range of proven solutions that work in the real world. Unique interdisciplinary training built on sound fundamentals. proven through experience.


We also offer modern & unique hyper-personalized planned law enforcement (L.E) training catered to specific learning needs and expectations of our law enforcement organizations.



Definition: the action of teaching a person, a particular skill or type of behaviour. 



Test and evaluate training and tactics before an actual event or confrontation


Training allows strengthening of skills needed to improve one’s ability.

Our training & development program brings all to a higher level of ability...

  • Improve knowledge and skills to task effectively

  • Increasing productivity and efficiency

  • Support overall development and growth

  • Prevent irrelevance

  • Improve engagement and morale

  • Become the best versions of oneself

  • Improve retention and build a robust team/organization/workforce

  • Adaptation of new techniques & technology


While training and development serve a strong purpose, there is a fundamental challenge with how this is fulfilled. This is the diverse solution PARATUS provides.


In any organization it is important to understand the value of training and education. This statement is especially true for law enforcement organizations. Unlike the private sector, training and education is directly correlated with public perception and the well-being of the community. In fact, very few professions have the exposure and far reaching impact that law enforcement organizations do. The need for new, advanced and regular training for law enforcement personnel at all levels of government is ever increasing. The goal of PARATUS is to provide comprehensive advance modern & unique planned personalized, catering to specific learning need and expectations of our law enforcement organizations here in the Bahamas.



To be the Bahamas’ premier, all-inclusive survival, defense, security & protection training company providing the confidence and skills necessary to defend self and protect others when confronted with a violent or dangerous situation.


Paratuus is dedicated to presenting professional world-class training programs and modern concepts that will prepare law enforcement personnel, security professionals and law-abiding citizens to survive, aid & assist , protect and defend in any situation.


  • To work hand in hand as a direct private contractor with the National Security Ministry in forging a greater alliance and adherence to laws and regulations to ensure the success of our programs and initiatives.

  • Provide a challenging learning environment that will enhance the survival skills that are necessary to deal with real world situations.

  • To evolve and adapt to the worlds emerging threats in order to provide cutting edge tactics, techniques and procedures.

  • Emphasize innovation, adaptation, collection, and dissemination of the latest operational doctrines available.

  • Continue to excel on a professional level, by recruiting and training the brightest and smartest people our country has to offer.

  • We will continue to set the example of consummate service with professionalism, attitude, subject matter expertise and tactical proficiency.


“Owning boxing gloves does not make you a boxer, owning a guitar does not make you a musician...."

Jeff Cooper


We believe that owning a weapon or carrying a weapon does not make you proficient, wearing a uniform does not make you good, and not because something has not happen does not mean it never will.


We strongly believe that being prepared with proper training is the only way to assure that we are always ready for any outcome, no matter if that in which you prepare for, never happens. It is better to have the knowledge and training and not have to use it, than to need it in a critical time and not have it. Your life may depend on it!


We believe training is an individual responsibility and the decisions incur individual accountability. As one must know and understand the law to be an effective law abiding citizen. That is why we created unparalleled training programs for Civilians and Law Enforcement. There is no ‘one size fits all’ experience, so the education should not be either. Our approach to this is.....

Understanding & Knowing The Law | Safety, and Staying Safe | Positive Mindset Enhancing Fundamentals | Increase Learning | Repetition

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